From the moment a pencil was in my hand, I knew I would be a designer.
So here I am the Brand Designer, running Yana Kaz Design Studio.

What does it take to be a brand designer? 

In-depth understanding of a market, sales, aesthetics and much, much more are just some of the skills the designer requires. 
I spent the majority of my adult life working in retail and sales, indulging in travelling and observing human behaviour. I genuinely believe that great design has an opportunity of birth when research, strategy and design as an art can be applied together. 

On a short note, I am a dual citizen with experience of living and working in both Russia and Canada. I am a graduate of OCAD University with degrees in Graphic Design and Advertising.  I worked for global brands like Burberry, Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto). 

Sometime ago, I quit my corporate job to concentrate on sound design and helping small businesses blossom because community and people who stand behind the small business are essential to me. They deserve to have great designers working with them. 

Overall, say hi to me if you have an interesting design problem or struggle with a strategy for your brand. I would love to help. 

Yana Kaz